Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am
Worship at St. Paul’s and Covenant Sunday Services
at 8:30 & 11 AM (STP)
and 10:00 AM (CUMC)  

Worship In October

This October we have exciting and vibrant worship planned for Helena United Methodist Ministries!
Join us for worship at HUMM! October begins with World Communion Sunday with special observances at both Covenant & St. Paul’s. We begin Stewardship season on October 13 with Pastors Sami and Margaret preaching on “Why Give?” Then, we encounter Jesus in his role as prophet through the rest of the fall. Biblical scholar, Luke Timothy Johnson, sees that Christians chronically and desperately need prophecy. We need the bold proclamation of God’s transforming vision to challenge our oh-so-human tendencies toward expediency and self-interest. We need to be jolted into new insights and energy. Reading the Gospel of Luke with an eye to discovering Jesus as prophet reveals a very different reality from what we humans would construct on our own. Come journey with us as we hear the ongoing call for today’s church to embody and enact God’s vision for the world. If you hear a topic or idea while attending worship that you would like to further explore (class, workshop, sermon series, etc.) please let us know! We need class participants and facilitators!
Date       St. Paul’s                                                         Covenant
10/6       Maren Haynes Marchesini guest preaching Pastor Anna – Mysticism
10/13      Pastor Sami – Stewardship: Why Give?      Pastor Margaret- Why Give? 10/20     Pastor Margaret – Prophetic Jesus                Pastor Sami – Prophetic Jesus
10/27      Pastor Sami – Prophetic Jesus                       Pastor Margaret – Prophetic Jesus
Dear Ones,
A brief note of thanks to express my gratitude for all your care since my recent cancer diagnosis and surgery. I have felt your prayers and loving kindness. If you are wishing to offer a physical expression of care, please see the meal schedule link. My plan is to return to work full-time in October. Given that my post-op energy reliably runs out around 2 pm, I may need to continue afternoon siestas as a regular part of the schedule for some time. For the most part, though, I am truly good. I am feeling confident in my medical team and in myself for taking charge of my health. We don’t yet know what follow-up treatments are needed, how that will be scheduled or what the impact will be on how I feel and what that means I am able to do. That’s a lot of unknowns to tolerate, which can make us antsy and anxious. I am doing my best to stay rooted in the present moment, keeping my busy mind focused on today rather than peeking around corners and doorways attempting to glimpse the future. Such spiritual disciplines are always easier said than done! However, I am finding that my nightly gratitude practice (shared on Face Book – as those who have friended me have seen) allows me to end each day in a space of peace, reveling in the blessings of the day, rather than borrowing trouble for tomorrow. It is a wondrous thing, to go looking for God’s activity in the day just experienced, and reliably find it in moments small and large! I encourage you to join me in this process of looking for three things to give thanks for as you end your day. May God’s grace and blessings be revealed in your life more powerfully than ever! Much love, Margaret