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Friday, August 01, 2014
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Tyler Amundson
July 27, 2014
    This man lives in Bulgaria and each day he gets his things together and walks several miles to a city where he begs for money.  Over the years he has collected 40,000 euros begging for money.  Imagine how life must be for him as he rises each day to put on his homemade clothing, prepares a breakfast from his earnings, and then walks to his place. 

     Most of us have seen people begging for money, we have our standard responses.  Perhaps we offer them food packs, perhaps we smile at them, perhaps we ignore them because looking at them always seems awkward, or maybe we have another response.  Whatever it is we always have a pre-conceived notion a guess at the story of the person on the corner. 

      The man on the screen’s name is Dobri Dobrev and he does not live off of his begging.  He lives off of a meager pension from his time in WW2.  All of the money he collects from begging he donates to a local children’s orphanage.  The people and children call him “The saint of Baylovo.”  Over the years all of the money he has collected by begging he has given to the orphanage. 

      We naturally make assumptions about the people and situations we encounter.  Trying to understand a situation before we have all the data is one of the survival instincts built into our brains... 



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