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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Marianne Niesen
April 13, 2014
Who Killed Jesus?
    This is a day with two names – Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday. First, we recall the day Jesus rode into the heart of the Holy City of Jerusalem where he was greeted by those who knew and loved him and acclaimed by all who had been touched by his teaching.  They waved palms, much like we throw confetti at a parade of sports heroes.  Today is also Passion Sunday when we remember that the acclamations of hosanna soon fell silent as Jesus faced the consequences of his commitment to challenge the powers of Rome.  That is the simple answer to the sermon title question.  Who killed Jesus?  The Romans killed Jesus.  Crucifixion was a Roman method of execution, designed to both torture and discredit its victim while upholding the superiority of Roman power.  “This is what we do to people who challenge the peace, the status quo, the-way-we-do-things.”  And here I want to make one clear and concise statement:  The Jews did not kill Jesus.  There was likely collusion between the Jewish high priest – who was, by the way, an appointee of Rome – and the Roman leaders, but ‘the Jews’ as a whole were not and are not responsible for the death of Jesus.

            Listen now to the earliest account we have of the crucifixion of Jesus . . . from Mark’s gospel... 



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