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Growing in Faith . . . . 

Perhaps as you sit in a pew on Sunday morning, an idea from the sermon will intrigue you or a line from a hymn will hit you in a different way than it has before.  Bingo!  You begin to see your life through a different lens.  Or you may be volunteering for Family Promise or Caring Ministries and have a heart opening moment with a person you hardly know. Bingo! In understanding something new about someone else, you are able to see or accept yourself in a new way.  Growth opportunities are everywhere once we become aware.
In the Adult Education program at St. Paul’s, we offer opportunities for those same ‘aha” moments through study and building relationships.  When we grow in faith we become transformed.  In our transformation, we can transform the world. 
Join us for one or more of our current studies which are listed below!

Adult  Classes  &  Groups



God After Hours:
Sunday @ 7 PM
Lewis and Clark Brewery
September 3, 10 & 24
To learn more about ways to get involved in this mission project contact St. Paul’s Office at 442-5643 or email: or Jill Melcher 459-6504 or email:



The Faith of a Mockingbird: 
Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11 & 25
This fall Pastor Sami Pack-Toner will be leading a class from a series that connects our faith to popular culture. The study’s goal is to introduce folks to the spiritual truths that exist all around us in books, movies, and television. Sami’s hope for the future is to lead other classes similar to this with other novels, movies, and pop culture references. This beginning series, written by Matt Rawle, invites us to dive into the realms of literature, art, and entertainment to explore and discover how God is working in and through us and in the world around us to tell his great story of redemption.
Harper Lee’s masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird carries the strong themes of sin, redemption, wisdom, and love. Matt Rawle takes us on a tour of this classic novel examining perspectives and experiences of four key characters, discovering how this novel can be a lens through which we can understand our place in the world, how we are in God’s story, and what it means to have hopeful faith in a broken world.
The study book contains a quick refresher of the book in the introduction, and there are character sketches and plot lines throughout the book, but Sami suggests you refresh yourself on the story beforehand by watching the movie or reading the novel (again possibly). It will aid our conversation to be more personal and participatory. There is a DVD the group will watch each class which is a short segment for each chapter.
This class will be offered at St. Pauls UMC on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM  in the Library  (Church Building) and at Covenant UMC on a Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM beginning September 20. It is a five-week study. 
The book cost is $10. To sign up for the class and order a book, contact the church office at 442-5643.
Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 11, 25, Nov. 1, 8, 15
A book study of Being Mortal, facilitated by Pastor Patti Agnew, explores aging and dying with an eye toward living our best life until our last breath. This thought provoking book spent many weeks on the New York Bestseller list. Atul Gawande is an insightful physician who asks great questions addressing issues such as the gift and limitations of modern medicine, and what we most hope for in the final chapters of our life. He gives us tools to help us live with autonomy, dignity and joy.
While this book does focus on aging and dying, it surprised me when I read it last fall, how much it impacted my approach to living each day now. This book will spur us to meaningful conversation about all kinds of topics. This class is for people of all ages which will inspire us to live our best life today and help us be prepared for whatever may come tomorrow. (If you can read the Introduction and Chapter 1 before our class, you will be well prepared for our discussion.) I hope you can join me. – Patti
This class will be offered at St. Pauls UMC on Wednesday evenings beginning September 20. Class will meet in the Choir Room (Church Building) from 6:30 – 8 PM. The book cost is $15.
To sign up for the class and order a book, contact the church office at 442-5643.



Discipleship 101 – Amazing Grace: Who was John Wesley? What was the movement called “Methodist?” What is it now? What makes St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s? These questions and more will be answered in this class. Amazing Grace is generally required to join or transfer membership to St. Paul’s.Rev. Tyler Amundson will lead this class. The class meets for one evening  session and is offered quarterly. Contact the church office at 442-5643 if you are interested in receiving additional information and/or attending an Amazing Grace class.  


Knit & Crochet Group:   Get to know others while learning and sharing a craft. This group creates prayer shawls and works on other individual projects as the mood strikes them all in the name of service. Join them on any Wednesday when we have a Wednesday Night Dinner and see how much fun you can have in a creative circle of women. Wednesdays from 4 PM – 5:30 PM in the St. Paul’s Library. Leader: Lila Bock. This group resumes meeting September 20.


God Hunger: Meaningful Midday Meditations. This popular prayer class invites a new group of people to journey with other laity in meaningful midday meditations. We invite you to bring your lunch for 30 minutes of prayer and 15 minutes of discussion. This class runs 12-1 PM on Tuesdays.  Come join us as we focus on God’s presence and learn the benefit of regular prayer in our lives. No sign-up necessary for this group. Please join us in the balcony in the church building at Noon.
Wednesday/Thursday Bible Study: 
There are two adult bible study classes at St. Paul’s. One class meets on Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30 AM beginning September 13 in the library (lower level) at St. Paul’s UMC. The other class will meet on Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30 AM beginning September 14 in the Fireside Room, Susanna’s Place (512 Logan Street).
The first class meeting will review the Apostle Paul’s first and second missionary journeys as reflected in Acts 13:1 to 18:22. Following classes will explore the third missionary journey and final journey to Rome—Acts 18:23 to 28:31. Class presentation and material follows The Call—The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul–by Adam Hamilton.
Visitors are always welcome and new members may join a class at any time.

Sew-Crafty:  Join us for a fun time of creation and fellowship!  Bring whatever creative project you are working on; whether it is sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, or anything else.  We will have several hours to work on projects, share ideas, visit, and appreciate each others creations!  We will meet in the Fellowship Hall from 3-8 PM on the 4th Thursdays of the month (except for November).  Bring your dinner or get together with others and order take out.  Hope to see you there.

Jung Reading Group: This on-going group welcomes new members with whom they could discuss Carl Jung’s works. The class meets on Thursdays from 12:15 – 1:15 PM. They meet in room 200 at Susanna’s Place. Facilitator: Marty Thieltges.



New Leaders Always Welcome!

Classes: Are you toying with an idea for a class?  Would you like to lead a class but have never led one before and want some help? Do you know you have the gift of leadership, but need an idea for a class?
Groups: Are you thinking of starting a small group?  Do you wonder how to make a group work?  Do you need guidance about how to get started? 
Adult Ministry Team:  Do you love to see people alive and learning more about themselves and God?  Do you thrive in an environment of learning? Do you have ideas of how our Adult Program could better serve the congregation?
If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” please give Sue a call at the church office (442-5643) or email her at